Robert and Stefanie Kroell were the parents of Pepi Kroell. Robert and Stefanie Kroell were hotel ownersand farmers in Hippach. Soon they began to cater and entertain travelers and vacationers.

The Christlwirt was already known far beyond the borders of Tyrol and people stay on holiday at the Kroell's in Hippach. Josef "Pepi" Kroell as one of their 5 children was interested in agriculture. But more enthusiasm and interest he payed to the butchery and cooking. So the Christlwirt was not only known for its hospitality, but also for the culinary cources of Pepi and Brigitte Kroell.

After many years, a good opportunity to open a guest house arose. The young couple built a small but nice bed and breakfast house on Schormis hill and offered to guests a splendid comfort view on the Zilleral. They choose for house the name of Peppi's mother - Stefanie. The guests arrived and the house grew.

Since early 60s Kroell family constantly strives for the welfare of their guests so now all their guests are their friends. After major renovation in 2000 son Rainer came back to house and brought his learning experience and !revel ideas in. This year a swimming pool was also built. For winter season 2009 Rainer brought his longtime friend Nadine to the company. Together they were planning for nights another project - a great refurbishment in April 2010 and this was also possible. In just 6 weeks 12 rooms have been recently rebuilt, whole spa area, terrace and garden, restaurant and bar have been renewed and embellished!