Culture and traditions

Feel these unique jocundity and hospitality of the Zillertal inhabitants.

Grasausläuten - noisy procession with bells, whips, noisemakers

Almabtrieb - returning of the cattle from the mountain pastures in autumn

Perchtenlauf - parade of heck-alike creatures

This funny customs come from ancient times when poor people were allowed to make official complaints only one day per year (complaints made in other days were restricted). They went from house to house where were treated with a warm meal. Fortunately today natives dressed like ancient people don't have to suffer from hunger and ask for bracer like did ancients. "Trick or treat" is the question that nowadays is asked all over the world. Since then "Perchten" practice to wish happy new year takes place all over the world! Your mask allows you not be busy at work till midnight and thus to drink schnapps with your family. Well then cheers!