Classical and special massages


We advise you to make an individual spa and massage together. Our masseurs would be glad to consult you privately.



Classical massages

... to relax the muscles, relieve tension and just to relax.


Luxury full-body massage incl. head and foot massage

Full body massage

Partial body massage - legs or back

Sport massage

Facial massage

Foot reflexology

Back and foot reflexology combi-massage



ALPINE ROSE full body treatment: 100% natural - alpine rose!

Take a deep breath - relax - live! Revitalizing and invigorating full body massage including foot peeling and body mask. A muscle relaxing highlight after hiking, biking, skiing and all sports activities. Alpine Rose helps against aching muscles - so you will be prepared for the next day! It gives the body a feeling of lightness and weightlessness and gives it new energy. This Alpine-spirit massage ritual is framed with soothing scents of stone pine, dwarf pine and mountain herbs. An incomparable treatment experience!

Ear candling therapy with head massage at the end

Quiet burning of ear candle creates a very soothing and stress-free feeling. Due to the generated negative pressure in the ear gentle ear cleaning takes place as well as equalizing of the pressure in the nasopharynx. Facial and head lymphatic drainage will benefit your good health. Take advantage of an old-traditional Indian healing art giving a high level relaxation.


"Decongesting massage"

Gentle massage technique with great effect! It helps the body to remove waste and toxins. Due to a positive effect of the nervous system this treatment is very relaxing...




"Muscle soreness hit"

This massage is a much stronger and faster form of classical massage in combination with other individual techniques. It is applied to aid relaxation and better recovery time after physical activity. Particularly pleasant highlight after this massage is the rubbing with the Tyrolean shale oil tonic.



Anti-stress head and neck massage

It is wonderful to be free from tension. Head, shoulder and neck are massaged with plenty of warm oil. It makes your head feel light and free. Ideal for top-management and stress-sensitive people.




Herbal paradise "Alpine Rose"

Using Alpine Rose the head, shoulder and neck are massaged with plenty of warm oil. It makes your head feel light and free.





Magic aroma "Coconut kiss"

We will prepare your body and soul with sense flavors and a bubbling bath for the next 50-minute sensitive relaxing massage with warm coconut oil. The reflex zones of the body are gently massaged by the jets in the tub and heat prepares muscles for the massage. We increase your enjoyment with a glass of champagne "El Paradiso".






Reiki (life energy) is transmitted through the laying on of hands. Stress and exhaustion fall away and self-healing abilities become more active and strong. Reiki is invisible but often strongly felt. Many people fall into deep relaxation and enjoy the warmth from the reiki-giving hands. Inner blockages dissolve and you feel free - for pampering, energy recharging or to win in everyday life.


Lomi Lomi Nui

The "massage from the center of being" describes an ancient Hawaiian massage practice. For 2 hours you will be in the therapist's sensitive hands that massage very carefully and attentively. Sometimes the therapist puts all his energy and works hard with elbows lo break nodes, remove tension and stress. The therapist begins with the body to release old tensions and heal past wounds. Then everything negative is removed from the fingers, hair and feet. Then the face is massaged to fill the body with energy, love and light. And yet there is time for wishes. It is a very special experience with plenty of "Aloha" (unconditional love).



"Diving into water is a return to the origins of life." The calming or vitalizing baths are a blessing for the whole body. Pamper yourself. Relax.


Wellness baths in our Aqua & Spirit Pool (for singles and couples)

Rose oil bath
The delicate fragrance of rose petals caresses your senses. The bath has a harmonizing, balancing & cleansing effect.

Mountain herbs bath
A very special bathing pleasure! This is relaxing, stimulating blood circulation and refreshing flavor.

Jasmine bath
It affects the balance of body and soul and brings relaxation from exhaustion and restlessness.

Lavender bath
This bath has a relaxing, balancing and soothing effect. Lavender is also used as a sleep aid and gives strength.

Chamomile bath
It will sooth and relax your body. A hot chamomile bath helps to defeat flue.

Wildflowers bath
It gives you a feeling of rustic Alpine holiday, perfectly relaxing and blowing away restlessness, nervousness and insomnia!

"Flame of love area"
Feel special moments of happiness "in fiery atmosphere". Take time for each other and have a bubbly bath in the jacuzzi tub. Enjoy candlelight and Prosecco - undisturbed in the crackling, fiery ambience!